How to Check What Motherboard You Have on Your Windows PC

The motherboard is quite possibly the main pieces of your PC, yet it doesn’t regularly stand out enough to be noticed it merits. Truth be told, most clients don’t have a clue about the make and model of their PC’s motherboard, despite the fact that they know essentially the fundamental insights concerning the processor, RAM, and so forth So to help you out with that, we will tell you the best way to check what motherboard you have in your Windows PC.

Check What Motherboard Model You Have

We will share four simple strategies to gain proficiency with the make and model of your motherboard on your Windows PC. That incorporates utilizing the Command Prompt, introducing an outsider utility, and checking Windows System Information. So we should not burn through any additional time and perceive how you can get to the make and model subtleties of the motherboard in your Windows PC.

Note: The demo incorporates screen captures from Windows 11, however the strategies portrayed underneath work on Windows 10 also.

Technique 1: Using System Information Panel

The most effortless approach to discover data about the equipment on your Windows PC is through the System Information board. To check what motherboard you have utilizing Windows System Information, follow the means underneath:

1. Open the “Run” exchange box by squeezing Windows key + R all the while. Presently type in or duplicate + glue “msinfo32” (without statements) and hit Enter.

Note: You can likewise look for “sysinfo” (without cites) in the Windows search box to get to System Information.

2. In the System Information window, find the “Motherboard Manufacturer” or “Baseboard Manufacturer” choice under System Summary. As a rule, it will show you the producer of your PC motherboard. You will likewise track down the model name under “Baseboard Product”.

Note: In the screen capture above, KBL represents (Intel) Kaby Lake and isn’t the authority motherboard producer’s name. That is on the grounds that some OEMs, similar to Acer, deliberately dark the make and model of their motherboards. All things considered, you should allude to their administration archives to know the specific insights concerning the motherboard.

Strategy 2: Using Command Prompt

Another simple method to see data about your PC’s motherboard is through the Command Prompt. Here’s the manner by which you do it:

1. For one thing, open the “Run” exchange box as portrayed previously. Presently type in or duplicate + glue “cmd.exe” (without statements) and hit Enter to open the Command Prompt window.

Note: You can likewise open the Command Prompt via looking for “cmd” (without cites) in the Windows search bar.

2. Presently, duplicate + glue the accompanying bit in the Command Prompt window and hit Enter: wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer.

As you can see over, this order shows the maker and model number of the motherboard in your Windows PC.

Strategy 3: Using Third-party Applications

A lot of outsider applications offer you data about your framework equipment to differing degrees. The absolute most seasoned and most reliable alternatives are recorded beneath:

Computer chip Z (download)

HWiNFO (download)

AIDA64 (download)

Speccy (download)

Open Hardware Monitor (download), and then some.

These instruments are either allowed to-utilize or shareware, with the last one in any event, being open-source. You can utilize any of them to check your motherboard make and model. Notwithstanding, for this article, we will utilize CPU-Z. The program is accessible as a convenient compress document, which implies you don’t need to introduce it on your framework for it to work.

1. Download CPU-Z from the connection above and double tap to open “cpuz_x64.exe” in case you are running a 64-bit Windows establishment. On the off chance that uncertain, go with the 32-bit rendition.

2. On the CPU-Z homescreen, explore to the “Mainboard” tab to get insights regarding your PC’s motherboard.

Check the Motherboard Make and Model on Your PC

Note: You will require a document archiver instrument like WinRAR, WinZip, or 7Zip to separate the CPU-Z record. These are for the most part allowed to-utilize, and the last one is likewise open-source.

Strategy 4: Open up Your Computer Case

One of the simplest approaches to check what motherboard you have is to open up the PC case. It’s simple on account of personal computers, practically all of which accompany thumb screws nowadays. Notwithstanding, with PCs, you need a Philips-head screwdriver to open the back cover and access the equipment segments.

When you open up the PC, you will discover the producer’s logo and model number imprinted on the motherboard. Regardless of whether you don’t track down that in an OEM PC, you ought to, more then likely, track down the four-digit chipset code, which you would then be able to look through the web to realize what motherboard you have.

For exceptionally assembled PCs, you can promptly track down all the information absent a lot of sweat, despite the fact that, it very well may be somewhat more troublesome on account of OEM gadgets.

Effectively Check the Make and Model of Your Computer’s Motherboard

Indeed that is it. It’s not difficult to check the make and model of your Windows PC’s motherboard. Notwithstanding, if your PC merchant has purposefully darkened that data, there’s tiny you can do about that. In any case, since you realize how to check what motherboard you have, figure out how to check your Windows PC’s CPU temperature. Additionally, look at 15 different ways to further develop the battery life of your Windows PC.

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